Work Study

The Work-Study Program helps eligible students defray the cost of post-secondary education.  The Work-Study Program is a financial aid program designed to provide part-time employment opportunities with eligible on-campus and off-campus entities. Eligible students also have the opportunity to gain valuable experience while pursuing a college education. To qualify, a student must demonstrate financial need and must be enrolled at half-time as a minimum. The amount of the award may vary based on the student’s classification and grade level.  Once awarded, the student must interview, and secure employment with on or off campus entities that are established in the Work-Study Program.   

Eligibility must be established each year:

  • A student must be enrolled in an eligible program as a degree-seeking student.
  • A student must meet all Title IV requirements.

Work Hours

While classes are in session you can work up to a maximum of nineteen (19) hours per week.

Work-Study Dress

Offices typically require work-study students to dress business-casual. Some offices allow their work-study students to dress more casually, so student must be sure to check with their employer.  Students must remember that they are working in a professional setting and need to dress accordingly.

Jobs Other Than Work-Study

Work-study is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to students with financial need (as determined by the student’s FAFSA). Therefore, work-study funds are limited. Student may search for both on and off-campus employment by utilizing their Handshake account. More information on student employment can be found at Many on-campus regular wage positions offer work opportunities in the same offices in which work-study students are employed.

Dates for Earning Work-Study Award

Work-study is awarded by semester. To earn work-study wages during a semester, a student must have been awarded the funds for that period and be working in a work-study position. The days within a semester in which a student can earn work-study wages will be published on the Texas A&M University-San Antonio Financial Aid website.