Commencement and University Honors (For undergraduate degrees only)

Commencement is the ceremony in which candidates for the award of degree are recognized. Actual degrees are not awarded at the commencement ceremony. A final degree audit must be completed before a degree is officially awarded. A degree audit will not be completed unless the candidate applies for graduation in the term in which they plan to graduate.

Students participating in a commencement ceremony may be recognized with university honors. University honors are determined by using the institutional grade point average at the end of the semester immediately preceding the semester in which the student is a candidate.

University honors eligibility for cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude are used as indicated in the section below titled “Graduation with University Honors.”

Prior to the May and December Commencement ceremonies students will be notified if they are eligible to participate with university honors at the commencement ceremonies.

Participation with university honors at commencement does not imply that the student will be awarded University Honors. Students must achieve an honors eligible grade point average once final grades are posted for the semester in which the student is a candidate.

Application for Graduation

A student who plans to receive a degree from Texas A&M University-San Antonio must apply for graduation. The Academic Calendar at the front of this catalog and the online Academic Calendar should be consulted for specific deadline dates. The degree will not be conferred unless the candidate has completed the application process on or before the designated deadline

Use of Official Name on Diploma

Diplomas will be printed with the legal name on file unless specified in the graduation application.  In the application, you will be able to input a different first name or select the name on file.  If you chose to use a different first name on the graduation application, this will appear on your diploma.

If you wish to include any accent marks, add a middle name, or additional last names to appear on your diploma, the change of name form with required documentation must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.  If the documentation does not include the accent marks in your change of name request,  the request will be denied.  For example, if your state-issued ID or birth certificate shows your last name as Fernandez and you wish to change it to Fernández, the change will not be made.  The change of name form and documentation must be submitted no later than two months prior to the commencement ceremony in the semester you will be graduating.  

Graduation in Absentia

Graduation in absentia will be permitted only under special conditions stated in writing and approved by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.