Kinesiology: EC-12 Physical Education, Minor

The EC-12 Physical Education minor is for students interested in teaching physical education (PE). EC-12 Physical Education is restricted to students seeking teacher certification through their major.

EDKN 1301Foundations of Kinesiology3
EDKN 4310Teaching Elem Physical Educ3
EDKN 4311Teaching Secondary Phys Educ3
EDKN 4342Motor Skills Special Populations3
EDKN 4320Motor Dev and Motor Learning3
EDFR 3110
EDFR 3120
Field Lab Residency I
and Field Lab Residency II 1
One hour of either an individual, dual or team sport1
Total Credits18

Field Based Experience taken in two separate semesters.  Must be field-based in Kinesiology and no other subject area.

Any substitutions must be approved by the Kinesiology Coordinator.