Schedule Changes

Dropping a Course 

A course may be dropped by a student without approval from his/her academic adviser or other University official. It is highly recommended that a student consult his/her academic adviser because of the impact on financial aid, graduation, etc. After the on-line registration system is closed, all drops must be processed by the Office of the Registrar.

A student who, by dropping a course, becomes registered for less than a normal load will be reclassified as a part-time student.

If a student drops the only course for which enrolled, the student must follow the process for withdrawing from the University as stated below.

Adding a Course 

A course may be added by a student using the online registration system without approval of University officials, as long as departmental approval is not required. (See regulation for Normal Load.) It is highly recommended that a student consult with his/her academic adviser before attempting to add a course. After the online registration system is closed, written permission is required from the academic adviser and professor of the course being added to add the course. These requests must be processed by the Office of the Registrar. The student may only add classes during the time specified in the official academic calendar.

Withdrawal from the University 

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw during the session, the student must notify the Office of the Registrar and process a withdrawal form. If the withdrawal is before the mid-semester point, the student will receive an automatic grade of W in each course. If the withdrawal is after the mid-semester point, the student will receive a grade of W or F, depending on whether the student is passing or failing at the time of the withdrawal. If the student abandons the courses registered for without officially withdrawing, the student will receive a grade of F in each course, regardless of the time the student ceased to attend classes. (See also regulations entitled "Refund of Fees.")

Withdrawal of Students Ordered to Military Active Duty 

If a current student is called to active duty, the student has several options for enrolled courses. The student must provide a copy of military orders to receive one of the following:

  1. full refund of tuition and fees paid by the student for the semester in which the student withdraws;
  2. with instructor approval, incomplete grade(s) for the semester in which the student withdraws; or
  3. with instructor approval, assignment of an appropriate final grade(s) or credit(s). Upon the student‘s request, pre-registered classes will be dropped. If the student returns prior to the beginning of a semester he/she will be reinstated into this institution. 

Non-Credit Admission (Auditing)

A student may attend classes for a course without receiving credit if he or she submits a Course Audit Form at the time of registration, and has the permission of both the instructor of the course and the dean of the college in which the course is offered. No formal admission to the University is required for course audits. The Course Audit Form is available from the Office of the University Registrar. The fee for auditing a course is the same as that required for registration for credit, however no credit will be awarded, no records will be kept, and the student may be restricted from lab work and tests. A student will not be given permission to audit a course until the first day of classes.

Students may not change from credit to audit status after the 12th class day during a long semester or after the 4th class day during the summer. Senior citizens (65 or over) may audit with all fees exempted except material or field trip fees on a space available basis only. If the student is under the age of 22, Texas A&M University-San Antonio will require the students to provide certified proof from a health practitioner that he or she has received a Bacterial Meningitis vaccination or booster within the last five years. Under no circumstance may audit be converted to credit. No refunds are given on audits.