Academic Advising

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Student Success Center, Modular C | (210) 784-1307

Your academic advisor is here to help you develop an educational plan that supports your academic, personal, and career interests, while ensuring that you meet graduation requirements. Academic advisors help students make decisions by drawing upon their own educational experiences and their understanding of the curricula and academic policies of Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

Academic advisors are professional staff members. As each academic program has unique requirements, your assigned academic advisor is based on your major or, in the case of first-year college students, on your prior college experience.  First-year college students are required to meet with their academic advisors prior to registering or making changes to their schedules.  All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisors in their first semester and at least once per year for the remainder of their time at A&M-San Antonio.  Meeting with your academic advisor will help you ensure you understand course sequencing and have a plan for graduation.

As the title of the role suggests, your advisor works with you in an advisory capacity. The decisions you make are yours and yours to own. Your advisor might suggest you to take one course of action over another, but in the end, your advisor honors your agency and your ability to make your own decisions.

We expect you to use DegreeWorks to track your progress toward graduation, and we strongly encourage you to meet with your academic advisor  prior to the registration period for the upcoming semester. Ultimately, you are responsible for your final choices, and for ensuring that you fulfill the university degree requirements and the requirements of your major.

For information or to schedule an appointment with an undergraduate academic advisor, please call (210)784-1307, or visit the undergraduate academic advising website at: Appointments can also be scheduled via the Civitas Inspire link in JagWire.