Academic Standing

Classification of Students

Pre-Defined Table
Classification Semester Credit Hours Earned
Freshman 0-29 semester hours of credit
Sophomore 30-59 semester hours of credit.
Junior 60-89 semester hours of credit.
Senior at least 90 semester hours of credit or higher

Grade Point Average

The grade point average accumulated on the permanent record of a student at Texas A&M University-San Antonio will be based on course and grade points earned by a student on work taken at this university. Transfer courses will be accepted as credit only. Such credit may be used for fulfilling degree requirements and graduation requirements. (For information on specific academic division admission, certification and graduation requirements, refer to the appropriate section of this catalog.)

A student's grade average on this university's work is expressed in grade points. Each semester hour of:

  • A counts four points,
  • B three points,
  • C two points,
  • D one point and
  • F zero points.

The cumulative, or overall, grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total quality points earned by the total number of quality hours. Transferred and credit-only hours are not computed in the cumulative Texas A&M University-San Antonio grade point average.

Grade Point Summary

All official and unofficial transcripts will have the following abbreviations:

  • AHRS (Attempted Hours): A&M-SA and transfer courses (all grades)
  • EHRS (Earned Hours): A&M-SA and transfer courses (passed/credit)
  • QHRS (Quality Hours): A&M-SA courses only (passed/failed)
  • QPTS (Quality Points): A&M-SA courses only
  • GPA (Grade Point Average): Equal to QPTS/QHRS