Student Life

Dean of Students

Senator Frank L. Madla Building, Room 312 | (210)784-1354

The Dean of Students Office plays an important role in helping students navigate the campus environment by providing access to programs and services that support and enrich students' personal and educational development. The Dean of Students serves as an advocate for students on a wide range of topics and assist students in making positive connections with staff, faculty, fellow students, and university services. Students are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students if they have questions or concerns related, but not limited to:

  • Behavioral concerns and crisis through the Behavioral Intervention Team;
  • Temporary illness/disability assistance due to an emergency;
  • Bereavement assistance;
  • Student Deaths.

Cisneros Institute for Emerging Leaders

The Cisneros Institute for Emerging Leaders (Cisneros Institute) aims to develop students skilled in taking the initiative, making ethical decisions, leading change in complex environments, and strengthening communities by effecting social and economic change. Programs and services provided by the Cisneros Institue include:

Student Life

Central Academic Building, Room 103 | (210)784-1329

Student Life coordinates the majority of the co-curricular opportunities for our students. It serves as the hub for all Texas A&M University-San Antonio student organizations and provides many services/resources. The office is responsible for activities such as registering student organizations and helping student groups with operational assistance. The office also coordinates a variety of campus-wide events. Participating in co-curricular involvement is essential to student success; Student Involvement strives to help you connect with other students, faculty, and staff during your time here at A&M-SA. 

Student Government Association

Central Academic Building, Room 103 | (210)784-1329

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the highest governing body for students at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. It plays an active role in campus affairs and makes recommendations to the University administration for improving student life.

Meetings are held bi-weekly and are open to the public. The student body elects the president, vice-president and the senators during a general student election held each spring semester. Check JagSync for more information on how to be involved with SGA, or email them at

Student Engagement

Patriots’ Casa, Suite 104 | (210)784-1452 |

Student Engagement at Texas A&M University-San Antonio is designed to provide incoming students, and their families, with shared experiences and intentional connections that create community, promote Jaguar pride, set the tone for student academic success, and support students to develop skills to navigate college life.

We do this by:

  • Introducing and connecting students to campus resources and services;
  • Developing a sense of belonging among the university community, and;
  • Providing experiential learning opportunities to support the holistic development and transition to college life.

Jaguar Family Engagement Programs

Patriots’ Casa, Suite 104 | (210)784-1452

Jaguar Family Engagement Programs coordinate programs and events for the family members of our Jaguar students including Family Orientation, Family First Seminar, Family Newsletters and Parent/Family volunteer opportunities. We recognize that family members play a vital role in a student’s college success, and our office works to provide families with resources to aid their student throughout their student’s college career.

Esperanza Hall


Texas A&M University-San Antonio is excited to welcome and offer a brighter future for our students by providing on-campus accommodations. By requiring our first-year students to reside on campus, we hope to guide and support our freshmen in their first college experience.

At Esperanza Hall, conveniently located on campus and only minutes from class, we offer unique suite-style floor plans, community amenities that allow students plenty of privacy to hit the books, and the perfect space to socialize. Esperanza Hall is where students will live within a community that and supports their academic success and encourages community engagement. Be a Jaguar! Live the Jaguar Life!

Jaguar Student Media

Central Academic Building, Room 321B | (210) 784-1051

Jaguar Student Media provides students experiential learning and hands-on opportunities in online news, a print magazine, radio and television. The campus’ student-run media outlets include The Mesquite, an online campus newspaper; ¡Adelante!, the university magazine; and the Univision Media Lab which offers bilingual students' opportunities to study radio, television, sales and promotions at Univision’s San Antonio affiliate. Students are encouraged to participate in student-run media to develop skills, build resumes, explore career options and enhance their college experience. For more information, email or call Jaguar Student Media at 210-784-1051.

Recreational Sports

Modular 108 | (210) 784-1346 or (210) 784-1349

The Department of Recreational Sports provides an inclusive environment for the campus community that encourages the lifelong pursuit of healthy living and learning. Our facilities and programs offer an outlet that accentuates the educational core of the university, while enhancing the capacity for intellectual and emotional wellness.

Recreational Sports is responsible for providing various recreational activities in an informal and structured environment. Students are also able to participate in organized activities such as Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs. Intramural sports are conducted in the Jaguar Game Room, the Multipurpose Fields and Kinesiology Pavilion on campus.

Sport clubs are organized sporting events between A&M-SA students and students from other universities and colleges. The competition is at a non-varsity level and students are responsible for organizing and governing of their respective teams. 

Recreational Sports offers activities in the following locations on campus:

The Jaguar Fitness Center
Senator Frank L. Madla Building, Room 128
(210) 784-1360

The Game Room and Lounge
Central Academic Building, Room 105
(210) 784-1389