Reviewing Financial Aid Status

Students can review their financial aid status by completing the following steps:

  1. On the A&M-San Antonio homepage,, hover over the Quick Links, and select JagWire.
  2. Log in using the Windows Domain account.
  3. Select Paying for College.
  4. In the Financial Aid Steps section, select Review your Financial Aid Requirements.
  5. Another window will open; select each of the tabs to view outstanding requirements, holds, and your Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Students should familiarize themselves with their University e-mail address to ensure they receive important financial aid messages. For instance, award letters are e-mailed to the student’s University email account informing the student of their financial aid award, amount, source, and any other requirements that may be required to receive financial assistance. The student must accept or decline the financial aid award and amount. If the financial aid award or amount is accepted by the student, the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships will apply the financial aid award and amount as a payment to the student’s account with Student Business Services. If declined, no financial aid or assistance will apply to the student’s account with Student Business Services.