Course Description Information

List of Course Prefixes

The following are the keys to the prefixes used with the course numbers:

Prefix Subject
ACCT Accounting
BUAD Business Administration
CETE Cyber Engineering Technology
CISA Computer Information Systems
CSCI Computer Science
ECON Economics
EDAD Educational Administration
EDBL Bilingual Eduaction
EDCG Counseling and Guidance
EDCI Curriculum and Instruction
EDEC Early Childhood
EDHL Health
EDKN Kinesiology
EDRG Reading
EDSE Special Education
ENGL English
FINC Finance
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing
WATR Water Resources Science and Technology

Course Numbering

Each course is represented by four capital letters followed by a four-digit numeral (e.g., ACCT 3301 Accounting for Non-Accnt Mjrs). The letters form an abbreviation for the instructional area while the numeral is interpreted as follows:

First Digit: The first digit indicates academic level and provides information regarding restrictions as to graduate student enrollment:

  • 5000 level courses: graduate courses.

Second Digit: The second digit generally indicates the amount of credit awarded. For example, a course numbered 4331 carries three semester hours of credit.

Third and Fourth Digits: The third and fourth digits are used to distinguish between courses within an instructional area.