English, Bachelor of Arts: Rhetoric and Writing Emphasis

  • 120 credit hours required for degree
  • 36 advanced credit hours required for degree
  • 30 advanced hours from TAMUSA for residency

All students must complete the University’s Core Curriculum and the specific requirements of the major. In some cases, a course that is required for a major may also be counted towards the Core Curriculum.

Core Curriculum
ENGL 1301Composition I3
ENGL 1302Composition II3
Life & Physical Science 3
Life & Physical Science 3
Select one of the following:3
Themes & Genres British Lit
Literature of the Americas
Intro to World Literature
Introduction to Fiction
Introduction to Poetry
Creative Arts3
American History 3
American History 3
Government/Political Science 3
Government/Political Science 3
Social & Behavioral Sciences 3
Component Area Option Course from Approved List 3
Component Area Option Course from Approved List 3
Required Support Courses
UNIV 1301First Year Seminar3
ENGL 4101PPS: Lit and Rhet/Writing1
Foreign Language 13
Foreign Language3
Foreign Language3
Foreign Language3
Major Required Courses 2
ENGL 2370Intro to English Studies (Year 2 Sem 1)3
ENGL 3312Introduction to Rhetoric (Year 3 Sem 1)3
ENGL 3315Introd to Critical Theory (Year 3 Sem 2)3
ENGL 3331Intersectional Shakespeare (Year 3 Sem 2)3
ENGL 4386African-American Literature (Year 4 Sem 1)3
or ENGL 4388 Latinx Literature
ENGL 4340Research Mthds-Rhetoric/Writng (Year 4 Sem 1)3
ENGL 4341Internship (year 4, sem 1)3
ENGL 4398Senior Seminar (Year 4 Sem 2)3
Group One Year 3 Sem 1
ENGL 2312Borderland Rhetorics3
or ENGL 2314 Writing for the Professions
Group Two Year 3 Sem 2
Select one of the following:3
Rhetoric and Materiality
Grammar and Style
Professional Editing
Group Three Year 3 Sem 2
Select one of the following:3
Major Rhetoricians
Grant Writing
Writing for the Web
Topics in Creative Writing
Group Four Year 4 Sem 1
ENGL 4312Intro to Composition Studies3
or ENGL 4301 Advanced Technical Writing
Optional Minor 3
Select 18 hours of courses of which 10 advanced courses required18
As needed to complete 120 credit hours for degree and 36 upper-division credit hours8
Total Credits120