Accepting Awards Online

To accept financial aid awards, students should complete the following steps:

  1. On the A&M-San Antonio homepage,, hover over the Quick Links, and select JagWire.
  2. Log in using the Windows Domain account.
  3. Select Paying for College.
  4. In the Financial Aid Steps section, select Review/Accept Terms & Conditions and Award.
  5. Select the appropriate Aid Year and submit.
  6. Select the Terms and Conditions tab. Review all terms and conditions and select agree. Note: all students must agree to the Terms and Conditions before accepting financial aid on JagWire and before any financial aid will disburse.
  7. Select the Accept Award Offer tab and finalize award decision.
    1. To accept full loan amounts offered, select Accept All Awards.
    2. To accept a partial amount, type in the amount desired, change the drop down box to accept, and select Submit Decision. If a student accepts a federal student loan, they must complete the federal requirements associated with the loans, such as completing Entrance Counseling and signing the Master Promissory Note. Students can complete these requirements at