Interdisciplinary Studies Special Education (Grades EC-12) with Dual Certification in Generalist (Grades 4-8), Bachelor of Science

  • 121 credit hours required for degree
  • 45 advanced credit hours required for degree
  • 30 upper-division hours and 25% of total semester hours required for this degree must be completed at A&M-SA to satisfy residency requirement

All students must complete the University’s Core Curriculum and the specific requirements of the major. In some cases, a course that is required for a major may also be counted towards the Core Curriculum.

Core Curriculum 1
ENGL 1301Composition I 3
ENGL 1302Composition II3
MATH 1314College Algebra3
Life & Physical Science 3
Life & Physical Science 3
Language/Philosophy/Culture 3
Creative Arts3
American History3
American History3
Government/Political Science 3
Government/Political Science 3
Social & Behavioral Science3
SPCH 1315Fund of Public Speaking3
Component Option Course from Approved List 3
Required Support Courses 2
EDCI 1301Introduction to Teaching 3
UNIV 1301First Year Seminar3
Additional Life & Physical Science6
MATH 1350Fundamentals of Mathematics I3
MATH 1351Fundamentals of Mathematics II 3
Major Courses 4,5
EDEC 3307Child and Adolescent Development as it Impacts Instruction3
EDKN 3340Health & PE-EC & Elem Teach3
EDRG 3315Early Literacy Instruction3
EDSE 3345Survey of Exceptional Individuals3
HIST 2301Texas History3
EDRG 3389Teach Rdg in Inter and Mid Sch3
EDSE 3346Development of Exceptional Individuals3
EDSE 3347Behavior Management for Exceptional Individuals3
EDSE 3348Intervention/Tech in Spec Educ3
EDSE 4340Collaboration and Transition Services in Inclusive Settings3
EDBL 3321Mthd Teach Eng to Non-Eng Chld3
EDCI 4351Eng Lang Mthds: MId & Sec Lvl3
EDCI 3358Classroom Management: Middle and Secondary Level Teachers3
EDCI 4348SS Mthds: Mid and Sec Lvls3
EDCI 4346Science Methods: Early Childhood and Elementary Levels3
EDFR 3110Field Lab Residency I1
EDCI 4356Science Methods: Middle School and Secondary Levels3
EDCI 4357Math Methods: Middle School and Secondary Levels3
EDSE 4347Federal and State Regulations Concerning Exceptional Individuals3
EDFR 4613Elementary Clinical Teaching: Field Residency III (Unpaid semester at A&M-SA)6
Total Credits121

Note: For state approved programs leading to certification, as the state implements new requirements for certification, changes at the state level become compulsory at the time required with or without notice. It is the student’s responsibility to consult their major academic advisor and catalog for any new updates or changes. Catalog and Degree Plans expire in 6 years

Completion of 45 hours; all with a C or better; Cumulative GPAof 2.75; Qualifying scoresin Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

EDCI 1301Introduction to Teaching3
ENGL 1301Composition I3
ENGL 1302Composition II3
MATH 1314College Algebra3
MATH 1350Fundamentals of Mathematics I3
MATH 1351Fundamentals of Mathematics II3
HIST 1301US History to 18653
HIST 1302US History from 18653
HIST 2301Texas History3
SPCH 1315Fund of Public Speaking3
2 Life & Physical Sciences

Completion of this degree plan requires admission to the Educator Preparation Program and successful completion of required field residencies and student teaching.

ESL Endorsement Option

The Bilingual Program recommends students complete the following courses to prepare for the ESL Endorsement exam:

EDBL 3315Second Language Acquisition and Literacy for English Language Learners3
EDBL 3340Applied Linguistics3
EDBL 3321Mthd Teach Eng to Non-Eng Chld3