Normal Load

The normal load for a semester is usually one-eighth of the total number of credit hours required for the degree toward which the student is working. That load is normally 15-18 hours per fall and spring semesters. 

A regular undergraduate student, defined as one carrying a minimum of 12 semester hours, is expected to register each semester for a normal load of work. A student registered for fewer than 12 semester hours is considered a part-time student.

Undergraduate students with an institutional GPA of 3.25 or higher and students who are graduating seniors may register for 19 or more hours. Students meeting this criteria must consult with their academic advisors before registering for 19 or more hours. Only in exceptional circumstances, and only with the approval of the college dean, will undergraduate students who do not meet these criteria be allowed to exceed the course load limitations. If a student is concurrently enrolled at other institutions of higher education in the same semester, the total course load at all institutions is to be considered in applying these policies. It is the responsibility of the student to inform his/her academic advisor of any concurrent enrollments. The maximum load for a student registered for any graduate credit is 15 hours a semester.

Maximum Hours of Enrollment in Summer Terms

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board sets limits on the number of semester credit hours in which a student may enroll during a semester where the courses are offered in a shortened format.

Therefore, students may enroll in no more than 3 semester credit hours in a three-week summer term, no more than 6 semester credit hours in a five-week, no more than 8 semester credit hours in an eight-week summer term, and no more than 10 semester credit hours in a ten-week summer term.  

A student may enroll in no more than 14 semester credit hours during an entire Summer semester, regardless of the combination of terms.

Students with a B average (3.0) for the last semester or term of registration may register for a maximum of 8 semester hours of academic work during one five-week or eight-week summer term only.