Business Administration (BUAD)

BUAD 5135  Business Capstone Lab  
Credit: 1 (1-0-0)

This class draws together all of the student's previous coursework in business, demonstrating how all functional areas of business are interrelated, and work together for organizational effectiveness. This class helps prepare students for the COB Exit Exams, and includes the administration of those exams and competency skills assessment. This course should be taken concurrently with MGMT 5335 (MBA students) and must be taken in the final semester before graduation.

Restrictions: Undergraduate level students may not enroll.

BUAD 5150  Foundations of Bus Statistics  
Credits: 1.5 (1.5-0-0)

An introduction to business statistics for graduate students with limited background in statistics or business. The course will include the study of statistical methods as applied to business and economic problem analysis including descriptive and inferential statistics.

Restrictions: Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.