Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts

  • 120 credit hours required for degree
  • 36 upper-division credit hours required for degree
  • 30 advanced hours from A&M-SA for residency

 Completion of this degree plan that students have as overall 2.5 GPA in upper level courses with at most two Ds.

All students must complete the University’s Core Curriculum and the specific requirements of the major. In some cases, a course that is required for a major may also be counted towards the Core Curriculum.

Core Curriculum
ENGL 1301Composition I3
ENGL 1302Composition II3
or ENGL 2311 Technical Writing
MATH 2313Calculus I3
Select one of the following: 3
University Physics I (See Required Support Courses)
General Chemistry I (See Required Support Courses)
Gen Biology I-Attr Living Sys (See Required Support Courses)
Select one of the following:3
University Physics II (See Required Support Courses)
General Chemistry II (See Required Support Courses)
Gen Biology II-Biol Organisms (See Required Support Courses)
Language, Philosophy and Culture (040)
Creative Arts3
American History3
American History3
Government/Political Science3
Government/Political Science 3
Social & Behavioral Sciences 3
SPCH 1315Fund of Public Speaking3
or SPCH 1318 Interpersonal Communication
Component Option Course from Approved List excluding MATH 13XX courses.3
Required Support Courses
UNIV 1301First Year Seminar3
Foreign Language I 13
Foreign Language II 1,23
CSCI 1336Programming Fundamentals I3
CSCI 1136Programming Fundamentals I Laboratory1
Select one of the following: 31
University Physics Lab I
General Chemistry Lab I
General Biology I Lab
Select one of the following: 4 1
University Physics Lab II
General Chemistry Lab II
General Biology II - Lab
Major (Required) Courses 5
MATH 2113Calculus I Lab1
MATH 2314Calculus II3
MATH 2114Calculus II Lab1
MATH 3320Differential Equations3
MATH 3325Intro to Mathematical Proofs3
MATH 3370Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 3340Linear Algebra with Appl3
or MATH 4341 Linear Alg and Matrix Theory
MATH 3415Calculus III3-4
or MATH 4370 Vector Analysis
MATH 4303Statistical Methods3
MATH 4321Real Variables3
MATH 4340Modern Algebra3
MATH ADV elective 3
MATH ADV elective 3
Minor 6
A minimum of 6 upper-division credit hours required. Actual number of hours depends on the minor selected 18
As needed to complete 120 credit hours required8-9
Total Credits120