Women’s and Gender Studies, Minor

This minor requires Intro Women's and Gender Stds (WGST 2301) and 15 additional semester hours of courses from the list below, at least 12 of which must be upper-division. No more than 9 hours in any one discipline may apply toward the Women’s and Gender Studies minor.  

WGST 2301Intro Women's and Gender Stds3
Select 5 from the following, including at least 12 upper division:15
Women's Health
Special Topics in English 1
Studies in Women's Literature
Women in History
Women & Gender-Latin America
Childhood in America
Women and Politics
Intimate Relationships
Human Sexuality
Gender and Society
Gender Issues
Myths & Reality-Marrige/Family
Inequality/Social Stratificatn
Families and Inequality
Deconstructing Disney: Race, Gender, and Age
Sex, Sexuality, and Society
Women of Color
Total Credits18